The difference in our blinds is in the detail. Our technically superior hardware systems have been designed for precision operation. Our blinds are also designed with extra componentry as standard, at no extra cost, to ensure the most durable and long lasting blinds available.

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Blinds Styles

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Roller blinds offer a simple and stylish solution to any homeowner

The wide range of designs, textures and material types ensure that they complement and enhance the décor in your home. Different areas of the home may require different types of materials, such as block-out materials for a bedroom, which give complete privacy, darkness and insulation. Double rollers are also available to allow for two effects.


Classy, elegant and low maintenance

We offer various finishes ranging from metallic and wood effect to plain finishes. Perforated options add a modern touch and are the perfect accessory to today’s kitchens with steel appliances and chrome or gold fittings.

Vertical Blinds - Curtain and Blinds Library - Johannesburg - South Africa
Vertical Blinds - Curtain and Blinds Library - Johannesburg - South Africa


Not just for offices

Vertical blinds are no longer only fit for offices. We offer comprehensive fabric options ranging from patterned, suede, linen, blockout and semi-blockout to plain materials in classic and contemporary shades. Available in 90mm and 127mm slats to suit your preference. Sewn and weighted pockets are offered to eliminate the bottom chain and supply a more elegant finish.

Roman Panel

Add class to your home

Roman blinds add a classy and graceful finish to any room, combining the sumptuous feel of materials with contemporary design. The soft folds of Roman blinds combined with a functional operating system are the perfect solution for any window covering and are guaranteed to enhance your choice of décor. Most of our roller blinds fabrics can also be used with our Roman blinds.

Skylight Blinds Johannesburg from Curtain Library Blinds Express
Skylight Blinds - Curtain and Blinds Library - Johannesburg - South Africa

Skylight Blinds

Reduce the bright light from skylights

Cellular shades are the most insulating window treatments on the market, making them the best window treatments for skylight shades. Trapping air in between the skylight window and your home, cellular shade’s honeycomb cells are what make them top-notch insulators.

Zebra Vision

The ultimate in light and privacy control

Soft horizontal fabric slats are interspersed with sheer material, which is then looped onto a headrail and bottom rail, leading to the double effect. By slight operation various combinations of fabric positions are possible: sheer material front and back allowing for maximum natural light; sheer material with fabric slat for a more muted feel; or fabric slat front and back to darken a room.

Zebra Vision Blinds - Curtain and Blinds Library - Johannesburg - South Africa

Covid Screens

Stay protected

Protect your staff with our ceiling-mounted screen. Practical and convenient. Ideal for any front-line activity from reception, sales counter to teaching and training behind the safety of this wide screen.

Insect Screens

Keep bugs and insects away from your home

Insect Screens allow the free flow of fresh air through open windows, whilst keeping out insects without the use of pesticides. Our Insect Screens are weatherproof fibre-glass mesh and the accessories made of nylon. Aluminium side-guides (natural anodized, bronze anodized or powder coated) are fitted with a standard (or anti-wind) brush pile. Installation of screens has an optional inside reveal or face fix.

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Decorate your world

We approach each of our client’s projects with a unique flair, high-level design thinking, and an unrivalled level of service.