With our wide range of Shutters, you may ask which shutter best suits your needs? Our Shutters are a lightweight shutter solution that is heavy on design aesthetics but lighter on materials and on your pocket. Designed with the style conscious in mind they offer inexpensive, premium shutter style with security functionality. These affordable shutters best suit a home that requires an additional barrier to your security features, a high-end design patio enclosure or a stylish room divider.

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In comparison, if security is your main need, our Aluminium Security Shutters are designed for the security conscious, offering enhanced patented security with stylish aesthetics. If your shutters are your main security feature, these enhanced security shutters offer thicker aluminium materials together with additional locking features.

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Aluminium security shutters - Curtain and Blinds Library Johannesburg
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Aluminium Security Shutters

The ultimate protection for your home

Providing an ergonomical state-of-the-art single lock and sliding louvre lock system, designed to make operation easier. The patented two-way locking system makes it virtually impenetrable.

Easily Adjustable and Built to Last

The louvres can be adjusted to control the amount of light coming in or view you’d like to see, and can also be locked into place. A 60mm patented bolt secures the shutters to the floor, leaving no leverage to lift the lock out of the track.

The all-in-one shutter solution

These folding, aluminium louvred shutters will open up a room, control light, noise and temperature with the added benefit of keeping you safe. These are manufactured entirely from aluminium and can be fitted to almost any window and door, protecting your home like a really, really good looking security guard.

Barrier Security Shutters

Affordable and Stylish

A first of their kind on the market, these shutters offers innovation that’s both affordable and tailored for the style-conscious. Beautifully designed, these lightweight shutter alternatives offer enhanced sleek lines and aesthetic touches.

Seamless Tilt Mechanism

The superior design includes a seamless tilt mechanism to block out hinges and unwanted light when shut and stylishly slim louvres for more of your view and natural light when open.

Perfect for South Africa

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, and all South African weather conditions – these sophisticated shutters are even easier to install and keep clean. To suit your design look, they are available in 4 standard colours as well as custom colours if desired and a variety of configurations.

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Timber Wood Shutters - Curtain and Blinds Library
Timber Wood Shutters Johannesburg - Curtain and Blinds Library

Timber Wood Shutters

Lightweight yet strong

Our shutters are made from Phoenix wood (also known as Kiri Wood or “the Wood of the Future”). It is lightweight yet strong, has a beautiful grain finish and does not warp, crack or deform easily.

Energy-efficient and adaptable for any temperature

Another appealing factor is a natural resistance to wood borer as well as adaptability to a wide range of temperatures. Phoenix Wood has an excellent internal and external cladding for energy-efficient homes. These shutters are available in different systems with customisation only CLBE can offer.

Aluminmium Infused PVC Shutters

High-quality Standards

We only use solid PVC profiles with aluminium inserts. This ensures strong, stable shutters that are ideal for humid and wet conditions enabling them to last for years.

Built Tough

Aluminium Infused PVC Shutters will not absorb moisture, delaminate, split or crack and are excellent for kitchens and bathrooms.

Various Styles Available

These shutters are available in different systems with customisation and are ideal for low maintenance and coastal living.

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Decorate your world

We approach each of our client’s projects with a unique flair, high-level design thinking, and an unrivalled level of service.