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One of the best things about opting for custom-made blinds is the fact that you get to design something that fits the aesthetic of your home, room or office perfectly. While there are many beautiful designs out there, oftentimes you just want someone to help bring your vision to life. Now you can, thanks to our customised blinds service.

As one of the leading blinds companies in the country, we’ve become renowned for our custom-made blinds, as well as our gorgeous blinds showroom. Our professional and seasoned consultants and dedicated team, all of whom bring an expert eye for design, work in close tandem with you to help select the best design for you, or to come up with something totally unique.

Partner with a Leading Full Service, Family Owned Blinds Company

We are proud of being a leading full service, family owned blinds company, with a presence in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Our business started under the name Curtain Library more than three decades ago. Since then, we’ve completed thousands of blinds installations, for both our residential and commercial clients.

As we bring an exceptionally talented and gifted team to each project we undertake, you benefit from their extensive product knowledge, ensuring that you receive a finished product that matches your exact expectations, expertly installed. Let us help you benefit from all the advantages that window blinds have to offer.

Why Choose Custom-Made Blinds as Your Preferred Window Dressing?

There are so many reasons why countless South Africans choose window blinds as their window dressing of choice. For one, it helps you to achieve better control of natural light entering the home. What’s more, it’s a hassle free, low maintenance window dressing sure to last for years to come.

As we aren’t tied to any single manufacturer, we offer the broadest range of products, colours and styles. To learn more about us, and to enjoy access to competitively priced custom blinds, speak to us today. We look forward to helping you enjoy the full benefit of beautiful window blinds.

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