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How do motorized and automated blinds work?

It’s out with the old and in with the new! Manual blinds are quickly going out of fashion and being replaced by their technologically updated version – motorized and automated blinds. These blinds are making light and privacy control more convenient than ever before. Read more about motorized and automated blinds and how they work below:

What are they?

Motorized and automated blinds are blinds that are controlled by an automated system. Much like manual blinds, motorized and automated blinds can be used to for light and privacy control within a home; however, the automated system makes them easier to open and close as you please. Their automation systems are quiet and unnoticeable, making them as stylish as manual blinds.

How do they work?

motorized and automated blinds run on a motor. Unlike manual blinds that work with a chain or cord, the motorized blinds can be lowered and lifted as necessary by pushing a button on the control panel or the remote control. The motorization of the blinds allows for smooth movements of the blind, minimizing the chance of damage. These blinds can also be programmed to lift and lower themselves at specific times in order to warm your house with natural light during the day and prevent the warmth from escaping, as well as increase privacy, in the evenings. The convenience of the system is unmatched.
Install motorized blinds or motorized your current blinds with our help today and make your future brighter with the push of a button.

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