How to measure for different types of blinds

Measuring for different types of blinds is easy! You don’t need to break your back to determine the correct measurements for your windows’ blinds. Instead, you can quickly take care of coming up with the correct measurements to ensure you get the correct blinds to beautifully complement your windows. For an inside mount installation, make […]

Why more and more South Africans are choosing motorised blinds

More South Africans than ever are interested in motorised blinds. One of the biggest reasons has to be the convenience factor. In recent years, home automation has become even smarter, and even more intuitive. South African households are catching on, and enjoying the ride. By motorising your blinds, you automate the repetitive task of opening […]

Secure your property with stylish and practical security shutters

More and more South Africans are looking at ways to secure their properties without leaving them feeling like they’re living in a prison. With beautifully designed and masterfully manufactured security shutters, you can achieve just this. These interior shutters are mounted in front of a window or door, and can be closed and locked to […]

Secure your property with quality security shutters

Here’s how your property benefits from quality and durable security shutters One of the main advantages of investing in quality security shutters is that these shutters secure your home and business premises from invaders and intruders. It is difficult for intruders to remove the shutters as they are closely fitted to the window or door, […]

Express yourself with beautiful custom-made blinds

Here’s how custom-made blinds can help you make the most of your living space There are so many types and styles of window blinds. From Sheerweave rollers to Venetian blinds and everything in between, you will never run out of options when it comes to choosing blinds. It is no surprise that more and more […]

Learn more about finding the best designer blinds available today

Here’s how to find the best designer blinds available on the market today There are so many blind designs vying for your business today, that it is totally understandable if you feel overwhelmed with all the designer blinds available to choose from. So how do you decide who to partner with? It can be a […]

Enjoy the great benefits that outdoor blinds have to offer

Transform your outdoor living area with beautiful outdoor blinds Outdoor blinds continue to attract the interest and fascination of homeowners from all walks of life. Enjoy the great benefits associated with these blinds, and let them help you start enjoying your outdoor area in a new way. There’s also no need to fret about their […]

MDock outdoor blinds set the standards in chic practicality

Bring chic elegance into your home with MDock outdoor blinds If you are in search of window blinds capable of achieving better control over light, heat and solar energy, then look no further than MDock outdoor blinds. These blinds are designed to achieve just that. The external screen provided by an MDock outdoor blind lets […]