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How to measure for different types of blinds

Measuring for different types of blinds is easy! You don’t need to break your back to determine the correct measurements for your windows’ blinds. Instead, you can quickly take care of coming up with the correct measurements to ensure you get the correct blinds to beautifully complement your windows.

For an inside mount installation, make sure your window has 70mm depth to accommodate the blinds you’ve selected. Next, determine the precise window opening size by taking 3 measurements across the inside width of the window (at the bottom, middle, top) and 3 measurements for the drop (at left, centre, right). Then give us the smallest measurement for Width x Drop. Make no deductions. The factory ensures your product fits snugly in the window and will operate properly.

Inside mounted roller blinds will come with a vertical gap between the shade and the window frame of approximately 20mm on either side, in order to accommodate the operating mechanisms. It’s important to specify the exact width and drop, as it is to determine the dimensions to which your product will be manufactured.

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