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Roman Panel Blinds

Pros and cons of roman panel blinds

Roman panel blinds are sheets of fabric that can be lifted or lowered for light and privacy control. They are luxurious blinds with a sleek modern design that come in different opacities to suit everybody’s light preferences. Here are a few pros and cons of roman panel blinds:


Roman panel blinds are traditional blinds that remain very popular choice with homeowners. Although they have a pedigree that goes back over two thousand years to the ancient Romans, their sleek design is a favourite among modern trends. Roman panel blinds come with the option of various fabrics, colours, styles and trims. These choices allow you to alter the blinds according to each room. There are also options for different linings such as blackout or thermal linings. The blackout lining blocks any light from entering the room while the blinds are down, and the thermal lining is great for insulating rooms.


The panels on roman panel blinds cannot be tilted to adjust the light that enters the rooms, they can only be lifted and lowered as necessary. Once the panels have been lifted to completely open the blind, they form pleats at the top of the window. These pleats can be quite obtrusive as they tend to obstruct your view and minimise the amount of light let into the room. Roman panel blinds are not an option for every room. If they are used in bathrooms, the blinds can trap the moisture which could cause mould to grow. If they are used in the kitchen, they tend to trap odours from food that can create a constant odour in the room.


This ancient blind type is a modern favourite that has stood the test of time. When deployed appropriately, taking into consideration the setting and required functionality, it is a highly decorative asset in any home. Contact us for advice and consultation, or visit our inspiring new showroom to select the perfect fabric from our comprehensive selection.

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